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Quad Bike Trekking Course

Quad bikers out trekkingAt over 10 miles long we have the best Quad trekking course in Cheshire. Set in the heart of Cheshire, Walnut Tree Farm is a working farm with a UNIQUE BLEND OF OBSTACLES have been devised to provide you with the best ATV experience possible!

During your quad biking experience you will navigate your way over fences, around hedges and through tunnels on the best quad bike trekking the UK has to offer. Custom built bridges and ramps allow you to enjoy a smooth ride through some of CHESHIRE'S MOST BREATHTAKING SCENERY!

Your introduction to the ATV EXPERIENCE here at Walnut Tree Farm begins with some basic do's and dont's for your safety while out on the course.

Our Qualified instructors will teach you how to handle an All Terrain Vehicle and to safely navigate your bike around the RAMPS and OBSTACLES.

After you have completed the basic training our experienced instructors will assess your level of competency and the obstacles you face will reflect this to make your ATV adventure enjoyable, but at the same time as safe for you as possible!

So whether you are a complete novice or a more experienced veteran of the ATV scene, we can cater for all your needs.

You will ride OVER 10 MILES of EXHILARATING UNDULATING GROUND, heart pumping MUD RAMPS and OBSTACLES that will leave your stomach in your mouth on the descent!

Book now and join the many THRILL SEEKING individuals who have already navigated their way round one of the MOST EXCITING ATV BIKING COURSES AVAILABLE!

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Walnut Tree Farm, Barthomley, Crewe, CW2 5PQ